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From Unlock Democracy:

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Lobbyists should be registered and restricted

From an Unlock Democracy email:

Last year, after several years of hard campaigning the Scottish Parliament introduced a tough new register of lobbyists. We worked closely with Neil Findlay MSP to help get the law through Holyrood and now the Scottish public have a much more accurate picture of who’s having a quiet word with their politicians. All meetings and their subject need to be recorded, along with how much the lobbyist is spending on trying to influence them.

This has already shown how useless Westminster’s bogus lobbying register is – most lobbyists aren’t even required to register.

The next step is making sure MSPs have only one boss – their constituents. While some MPs rake in up to 10 times their public salary in side-gigs, you can’t be sure their attentions are fully on the needs of the people who elected them.

That’s why Neil is working on a new law in Holyrood that would restrict second jobs for MSPs. He’s consulting the public right now to get their thoughts on second jobs, and whether any exemptions should apply. He’s also welcoming opinions from the rest of the UK!

Respond to Neil’s consultation on MSPs second jobs now.

He’s testing public support for a basic belief, that being elected to your national parliament is a full-time job and should take up all of your working day.

By fighting to clean up the political system where there are opportunities, we can continue to show how desperately Westminster needs fundamental change. Let’s embarrass the political establishment into action.

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