Reform Democracy Now

Perverting the Course of Democracy (PCD)

We need a new criminal offence: Perverting the Course of Democracy

Perverting the Course of Democracy amounts to High Treason: Treason against the state where the people are sovereign. Our democracy needs to be protected from the undue influence of the rich and powerful who seek to “game” the system.

A draft definition of PCD: Usurping or circumventing the democratic power of the people by unfair means such as large donors anonymously funding “grass root” organisations or advertising campaigns, that promote their own narrow interests, not the the wider interests of the people.

Large party donors pervert the course of democracy by gaining undue influence through what is nothing less than bribery.

“When political parties take donations from hedge fund millionaires and billionaires, they confirm what many [people] suspect – that in our democracy your say is based on the size of your bank account.” Angela Runswick, Unlock Democracy in The Mirror

We pay our taxes to make democracy possible, we say reform democracy now. Make bribery of political parties illegal. Let’s have a democracy fit for the time and not our corrupt past.

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