Reform Democracy Now

We Pay, We Say

  • OUR Government is funded by taxes
  • WE, the people, pay the taxes
  • WE should have more say

We Pay, We Say:
“Reform Democracy Now”

The cry was once “No taxation without representation

However, representation is not enough to meet the people’s expectations for democracy in the 21st century.

Today’s cry is “No representation without consultation”

We need Citizens’ Assemblies* to develop The People’s Program of Change to set the agenda for the people we elect

More immediately we need to clean up the current system: We need to Make Whipping Illegal

It’s NOT OK that our representatives are subject to bribery, bullying and blackmail by party whips. MPs are meant to represent the people in their constituency, not party interests.

Every vote in parliament should be a free vote in a secret ballot.

Secret ballots are the only way in which a vote can be free from the fear of intimidation or the promise of a bribe.

That’s not the only way our democracy is being corrupted: money talks. Party funding and lobbying by vested interests can easily buy favours.

Big money can be used to sway an election or swing a referendum. We need a new offence of Perverting The Course Of Democracy, which should be considered High Treason

We also need Proportional Representation: Our democracy has descended into a 2-party brawl that’s more about personalities and their careers rather than carefully considered policies where the interests of the country come first.

And we need a full review of tax and spending in Participatory Budgeting

We Pay, We Say: Reform Democracy Now

Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.

John F. Kennedy

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*Citizens Assemblies – the time has come – at least for Global Climate Change!